Relieve Back Pain
Improve Sport Performance
Improve Posture and Endurance
Unplug from your day, and recharge your spirit! 

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise 
designed to strengthen abdominal 
and back musculature. But don't be 
fooled by the initial simplicity, 
the more you do it, the more 
challenging it will become.

The exercises are performed lying down or seated on a mat. The emphasis on structural alignment through controlled movement will dramatically improve posture, body mechanics, and joint stabilization. 

The instructor Kristen Loving, holds a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant, and has over 18 years experience teaching Pilates.
She specializes in correct form and execution of the method, and will personalize exercises to accommodate individual needs.  

Style Magazine Readers Choice Awards 
Best Pilates Instructor